What is a Spa?

Spa is a generic term to designate pools of all brands. The origin of the word is difficult to determine. Some believe it comes from the name of the town of Spa in Belgium renowned for its thermal establishments. Others indicate that it is an acronym in Latin "Sanitas Per Aqua" which means "health through water".

A spa is a hot water whirlpool tub for relaxation. It provides very pleasant massages thanks to its numerous pumps and hydrojets. It generally offers several seats and lengths molded in its polyester tub. These are ergonomic to provide the best possible massages.

Beyond the relaxing effect, it is the therapeutic and quasi-medical aspect that makes the spa so interesting.

The jacuzzi spa offers two types of jets for massaging its occupants:

Hydrojets, as their name suggests, project pressurized water through specific nozzles using a dedicated pump, the massage pump. The larger and more refined models may have multiple massage pumps. The jets of bubbles or the blower are sent by an air pump via specific nozzles and complete the massage. Each pump can be used independently. When the 2 pumps are used at the same time, the body is enveloped by water heated between 34 ° C and 39 ° C, and massaged by the combination of water jets and air jets. The number and positioning of the nozzles in the tank plays a fundamental role in the quality of the massages.

The more there are, the more it is possible for you to target the parts of the body to be massaged as a priority. The best models also allow you to adjust the intensity of the water jet for each nozzle, which allows you to vary the vigor of the massage for the same area of ​​the body.

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