Click the following link and see numerous boat rental opportunities

We have several sites that present a detailed catalogue on boat rental. You can choose the destination of your trip, or the type of boat you would like to rent, and then window budget. In this winter season, sailboats and sailing yachts are the boats available for rent.

You can easily rent a boat

You have sites that offer you the convenience of renting a boat. Once you have finished the comparison, a list of rental companies between individuals and agencies is available for you. The ideal is to choose the platform that offers you a more reasonable price. For an idea of renting a boat for the day, you can pay between 30 to 70 euros. For yacht charter and luxury boats, in this cold season, you can rent the boat for 1 000 euros per day.

You apply for a rental online. You visit the boat catalogue and see this to get all the information about this boat rental. You talk to the owner if you are on this private platform. You send the request online. The company will respond within 24 hours and offers to complete the rest of the information. It all depends on your travel partner, but logically, you have 30% for the deposit, and 70% to pay as soon as your request has been registered.

The choice of the itinerary

It is winter, and the ideal destinations are the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean, South East Asia, Spain which is always ideal for boat trips. You also have destinations for off-shore rental. We have, above all, the rental of barges on the canals of France. But also, homemade boats like the one found on the lakes of Germany. We have trips in a few hours on the rivers of Italy.

A sailboat or sailing yacht is rented with its crews and the skipper. While for this off-shore trip, you can rent the boat without a boat license.

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