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We have several sites that present a detailed catalogue on boat rental. You can choose the destination of your trip, or the type of boat you would like to rent, and then window budget. In this winter season, sailboats and sailing yachts are the boats available for rent.You can easily rent a boatYou have sites that offer you the convenience of renting a boat. Once you have finished the comparison, a list of rental companies between individuals and agencies is available for you. (yacht charter) [...]

Benefits of installing a jacuzzi at home

Adapting to your interior as well as your exterior, the jacuzzi or spa is in the form of a simple bathtub or a counter-current mini-pool. Allowing you to enjoy a great moment of relaxation with family or friends, this bubble bath aims to combat stress, fatigue and nervous tension. Soothing body and mind, the jacuzzi is a wellness device designed to soothe the body.The heat of this kind of mini-pool exerts a therapeutic action aimed at promoting the production of endorphins and blood [...]

What is a Spa?

Spa is a generic term to designate pools of all brands. The origin of the word is difficult to determine. Some believe it comes from the name of the town of Spa in Belgium renowned for its thermal establishments. Others indicate that it is an acronym in Latin "Sanitas Per Aqua" which means "health through water".A spa is a hot water whirlpool tub for relaxation. It provides very pleasant massages thanks to its numerous pumps and hydrojets. It generally offers several (jacuzzi spa) [...]

Rent your boat on the Mediterranean coast

Mediterranean coast has always been the center of certain people’s attention. And it is particularly easy to find a great boat to rent there, because of the abundance of landlords in this sector. But, it is not easy to rent the adapted boat for everyone.Rent a boat as a particularAs known, there are too many dream destinations over the Mediterranean coast, and this is the reason of this abundance of a boat, to rent or not, in this part of the globe. Many of these boat (rent a boat) [...]

The perfect holiday on the Croatian coast

Summer, sun, beach and holidays ... that's exactly what many have been looking forward to for a long time. And all of them can be experienced on the Croatian coast. That's not all, there are many more reasons why you should choose this destination for your holidays.Blue sea and wonderful green natureCroatia as long as yacht charter croatia concerned has long been known for its amazing blue sea, which is crystal clear and, in addition to its wonderful looks, also scores with [...]

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