The best advice on how to rent a boat

First and foremost, there is ... What kind of ship to rent? Your boat's selection must fulfill your holiday program. Set the amount of crew and your budget, we'll discover the ship that suits your project! It is not always simple to navigate between the selection of the ship, the destination for your holidays, your dates or even your colleagues! Especially that it's not the offers that are lacking, all the more enticing than the others...

Boat selection: sailboat, catamaran, motor boat?

That's one of the most significant stuff to consider. What is the boat model you want to lease and which is the most appropriate for your requirements? In order to assist you with this decision, the ideal is first to ask the amount of individuals who will take part in this trip or cruise. Then the selection of the ship will rely on the operation scheduled. The model will be distinct depending on the operation (navigation, fishing, idleness) and the location (sea, river, lake). If you are towing a buoy or Wakeboard, plan a sufficiently big and strong ship. Finally, the desired destination is crucial. Know the wind direction and strength for the round journey.

The travel date: when to go?

Probably the best period in France is May / June and September. It's not too warm. And you're avoiding the most touristic period July / August. So you have more likelihood of avoiding boat crowds and waiting times. You have more option among the available ships and often get a better price on how to rent a boat. And as of the moment of the day, find out about the moment of the tides, to adjust the time of return to the port.

The equipment on board: which accessories to consider?

The ship has to be fitted with Lifejackets (one per individual). You need to understand where they are situated; and ideas, put them on. With regard to safety, you should also understand the place of navigation charts, fire extinguisher, etc. Also notice an emergency contact number (for instance, the Regional Operational Center for Surveillance and Rescue).

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