Discovering the deep seas of Italy

In this article, we will try to tell everything about Venice for a tourist who only plans his trip to Italy. The city of Venice is unique in its kind: built on 120 islands spread over 150 canals and connected by more than 400 bridges and divided into 6 districts.

Italy's fame

The city's cultural and artistic heritage on the water is one of the most memorable in the world: elegant palaces overlooking the Grand Canal, the main street of Venice's waters, the refined Doge's Palace located in Piazza San Marco, near the basilica and the majestic bell tower, the famous Rialto bridge, the great cathedral of Santa Maria Della Salut, as well as picturesque and colorful houses in the historic center, a romantic river tram ride to the neighboring island of Murano, where glass production is traditional, and San Michele, where they found the last refuge is Joseph Brodsky, Igor Stravinsky and Sergey Diaghilev.

One of the most famous and beautiful cities in Veneto, with the exception of Venice, is Verona which you can enjoy on yacht rentals italy with all the rental tips. There is also a program of visits to get to know and of course a trip on the water.

When to go to Italy for impressions?

When talking about the best time for a tourist to travel to Italy, it can be said that the city on the water is beautiful at any time of the year and in any weather! Some characteristics of each period and our useful tips will help you make your choice.

In winter, you have a unique opportunity to see the greeting of the New Year in the Venice Lagoon and to be at the heart of the events of the Venice Carnival. In this case, be prepared to warm up, even if the air temperature is not usually very low.

You can also personally attend one of the most spectacular and large-scale regattas of non-motorized boats in the world.

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